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Companies in the Energy and Industry Sector support Qatari development as an essential means of ensuring their businesses are run by a competent Qatari workforce.

Joining the Sector will ensure your future is properly planned and that you receive every appropriate opportunity to advance.

The foundation provided at schools is critical to your general preparation. Typically, the better your high school qualification, the more options are available to you.

Further career planning can be through training and post-high school studies at local and foreign institutions, and through development at a company where career development plans are supported with career counseling and guidance.

You will receive a company approved, tailored career development plan to meet your specific needs for a selected target position in line with your education and aspirations.

The plan outlines the position duties you need to meet supported by a combination of learning on-the-job along with specific training, specific work projects and, in some cases, attachments and academic advancement to obtain either a certificate, diploma, degree or advanced degree.

As you progress, you will be given increasing levels of responsibility and accountability.

Career progression is based upon your performance on the job, and you will receive continuous monitoring, upgrading and retraining.

Based on your performance, there will be a variety of career opportunities throughout your working life.Various careers are available within the Energy and Industry Sector. Career opportunities differ from one company to another but may include positions in the following disciplines:


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