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  What is Qatarization?
Industry-wide Strategic Qatarization Plan

The Plan includes all operating and non-operating companies in Qatar's Energy and Industry Sector. The Plan is a dynamic five-year rolling plan. The objective is Quality Qatarization.

New Plan
Qatarization is not new to the industry. This current Plan contains very specific activities in support of company Qatari human capital requirements to meet the Qatarization target. Committees and teams are periodically established to study, manage and implement a variety of activities designed to support the individual company Qatarization plans.

Qatarization is the identification and development of quality, competent Qatari male and female employees to assume permanent established positions.

Strategic Focus
The focus is Quality Qatarization through emphasis on key and sensitive positions by applying performance-based, not time-based, training and development. Support and commitment are required from all levels of staff.

Partnership with Education
The significance of Qataris acquiring qualifications and education related to our business needs cannot be underestimated. Professional alliances with local and international academic and vocational institutions enhance articulation, and helps ensure Qatari candidates acquire the necessary educational qualifications to excel at the vocational and undergraduate levels.

The intake of the majority of high school graduate Qataris is directed to Qatar Petroleum' s Corporate Training Centre.

Qatari Development
Some Qataris join the companies at either Senior Staff or Junior Staff levels, depending on their qualifications, either as a direct hire, or to a position where they require further development. The latter is targeted to a position and placed on a tailored development plan.

Qatarization Target
The overall Qatarization percentage target for the Energy and Industry Sector is 50 per cent. The target is a function of focusing on key and sensitive positions, tied to company business plans and reaching and maintaining 50 per cent, or greater, Qataris in permanent positions.

Qatarization represents a significant investment for each company in support of the preparation of Qatari human capital as one of the pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and in support of the National Development Strategy. All participating companies provide commitment to and flexibility at all levels to help meet the objective.

Key Activities
Companies have committed to a number of key activities.

Governance - Monitor, Review and Update
The Plan is updated annually, plus an annual review meeting is held with His Excellency, the Minister of Energy and Industry. The Strategic Qatarization Plan incorporates an overseeing, sector-wide Steering Committee supported by two committees dealing with recruitment and the other with training and development. Each company regularly monitors, reviews and updates their respective plan and submits Qatari demand data based on a five year forecast. Updating the sector-wide Plan annually is directed through the Sector’s Strategic Qatarization Unit who also hold regular meetings with companies in the Plan throughout the year.

Qatarization Awards
The Annual Qatarization Awards were introduced into the Sector in 2008 (the first year under review). They are highly prestigious awards conferred on selected companies in the Sector by His Excellency, the Minister of Energy and Industry and include a number of individual Categories.

The process is governed by strict guidelines that are reviewed and modified each year to maintain currency and focus on the areas that are essential to achieving Quality Qatarization.

The purpose of the Awards is to recognize companies, not individuals, who have consistently exhibited excellence over the previous calendar year in their performance, commitment, and achieved levels in Qatarization, their support to the education community in Qatar, and their support for training and development. The awards program is not based on statistics or on the size of the company instead, to be fair to all, it requires companies to demonstrate their actions and activities.

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