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In order to support the education sector Q-Chem organized presentations and spent some days with the students from secondary school and universities.

Q-Chem Deputy General Manager presenting Qatar University students

On March 8th, Q-Chem organized an Engineering day at Qatar University. With a theme of “What does the engineer do in an industrial organization?”, the purpose was to inform QU students about the opportunities at Q-Chem, which may suit fresh engineering graduates. The Deputy General Manager and the Operations’ Manager were among the presenters who covered topics including “Safety Standards” at Q-Chem and the history and products of the company. Break-out sessions followed in which each engineering group attended according to their area of speciality. This gave the students more detail on the type of engineering work they would be required to carry out in a typical petrochemical facility. The day was a great success and many students showed interest particularly female students from Industrial Engineering.

Q-Chem Training Manager lecturing QITS students at a classroom

On April 13th Q-Chem visited the Qatar Independent Technical School (QITS) to meet with year-eleven and year-twelve students. A group of nine Q-Chem Staff represented the company- including the Operations’ Manager, current TPP Trainees and others from Operations and Training departments. Approximately two hundred students attended the meeting which was made-up of a number of short interactive presentations. Presentations covered aspects of Safety at Q-Chem and the importance of focusing on training and development in the initial stages of a young trainee’s career. The group highlighted the importance of hard work and taking a long term view of careers in industry. Alumni from the old technical school who attended the event shared experiences at Q-Chem and the development pathway followed to become an Engineer at the company.

Q-Chem sent two developees to Texas A&M Fire School in the USA, for extensive training on the latest techniques on fire-fighting and related aspects. This program is part of their development plan, the intention being that this training will equip these candidates to take up leadership roles in this important area of our business in years to come.

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