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  Supporting Qatar’s National Vision
“At ExxonMobil, we believe that maximizing energy resources is about more than energy production; it is also about developing human capacity and delivering sustainable, long-term benefits to local communities. No benefit is more lasting than education, a passport to progress for people all over the world.”

Alex Dodds, President & General Manager ExxonMobil Qatar Inc.

Workforce Development

ExxonMobil is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the best people from the broadest possible employee pool to meet its business needs worldwide. In Qatar, Qatarization is a key element of ExxonMobil Qatar strategic business plan. Through our focused efforts, we are pleased to be steadily progressing toward the national target of a 50-percent Qatari workforce.

ExxonMobil Qatar Inc. has recently appointed a National Development Manager, Mr. Abdullatif Al-Naemi, in which his appointment supports ExxonMobil’s goals of enhancing the representation of Qatari Nationals in the company while also sustaining the company’s long term Qatarization plans.

Through the ExxonMobil internships program the students are provided with the opportunity to work on active projects to address real technical challenges. Of the undergraduates interning, a number of them have an ExxonMobil Qatar sponsorship and some were offered full time employment upon their graduation. ExxonMobil Qatar also holds periodic meeting/luncheons for all its national employees and its sponsored students to meet and to interact with ExxonMobil Qatar’s management.

Furthermore, this summer ExxonMobil Qatar will launch its high school students program, a two-week summer program with the objective of familiarizing 12th grade Qatari students with the different functions within ExxonMobil Qatar. i.e. Production, Development, Marketing, Public Affairs, Human Resource, Law….etc.

Strategic Community Investment

ExxonMobil strives to make positive contributions to the communities and economies, in which it operates, through programs that seek to reduce barriers to development; including health, education, and infrastructure. In Qatar, ExxonMobil has supported a number of community projects and initiatives:
· ExxonMobil had a leading role in the establishment of the Career Counseling Division part of the Social Development Center. The division provides comprehensive system of career counseling for Qatari nationals. By June 2010, the participants in this program reach up to 300 from both genders.
· ExxonMobil has participated in several conferences and symposiums, to include, but not limited to, Enterprise Qatar as a Diamond sponsor; Qatar International Business Women Forum as a Diamond sponsor; 2010 Qatar Career Fair as a Pearl sponsor; Doha Green Sustainability Summit 2010 as a Partner sponsor.

· ExxonMobil Qatar supports a multitude of educational outreach programs at Qatar University, and university campuses in Education City. Amongst those, ExxonMobil was the gold sponsor of “Life is Engineering” project organized by the College of Engineering in Qatar University, and also sponsored the 7th Plant Design Award Contest. ExxonMobil also participated in Texas A&M University at Qatar’s campus jobs fair, and sponsored its high school students outreach program on June 3, 2010.

· Serving on the board of directors, ExxonMobil supports INJAZ-Arabia programs in Qatar. INJAZ-Arabia strives to harness the mentorship of Arab business leaders to help inspire a culture of entrepreneurialism and business innovation among Arab youth. Eight Qatari employees volunteered at INJAZ-Arabia schools outreach and served as mentors to youth in order to equip them with practical business-related skills as part of the regular educational curriculum in their schools.

ExxonMobil and Social Development Center inaugurates the launch of the Career Counseling Division.

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