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  Energy and Industry Sector Strategic Human Capital Planning Workshops, April 2012

Energy and Industry Sector Strategic Human Capital Planning Workshops, April 2012

Human capital is the critical factor in how organizations perform, and success depends on how effectively we determine our requirements, analyze our demands and manage our human resources within the organization. The key is human capital planning. The Strategic Human Capital Planning workshop was custom designed to focus on human capital planning from a strategic perspective and explored the application of forecasting and planning to improve efficiency, effectiveness and a common understanding within the context of the requirements set out in the Energy and Industry (E&I) Sector’s Strategic Qatarization Plan.

The initiative, a first for the E&I Sector, was organized by the E&I Sector’s Strategic Qatarization Unit and gratefully sponsored by QAPCO. Five two-day Strategic Human Capital Planning Workshops were conducted by a recognized external consultant. Overall the workshops were a resounding success achieving an overall workshop effectiveness of 90%. Commitment from the companies ensured the participation was high and a total of 65 company representatives attended from 39 companies.

Attendees were company Human Resource Managers, and their Manpower Planning Specialist responsible for preparing manpower forecasts (particularly Qatari forecasts). By the end of the workshop, participants were able to:
  1. Understand human capital planning from the perspectives of analyzing current manpower inventory, and making future human capital forecasts
  2. Develop human capital plans for their own company (quantitative aspect)
  3. Develop human capital plans for different business initiatives such as growth, business conditions, retrenchment and in a mature business environment
  4. Develop human capital plans for the short, medium and long term
  5. Identify human capital requirements (qualitative)
  6. Clearly understand the procedures and requirements for human capital data gathering in the E&I Sector
  7. Ensure human capital planning consistency within companies, and across the E&I Sector

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