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  The 10th Anniversary Qatarization Review Meeting
Celebrating ten year’s of Qatarization success, the Energy and Industry Sector, held its 10th Anniversary Qatarization Review Meeting on Tuesday at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Chaired by His Excellency, Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Deputy Premier, Minister of Energy and Industry, the meeting was attended by senior executives and representatives from each of the 40 participating companies, along with dignitaries from Qatar’s education community and special guests.

In his Opening Address, the Minister expressed his ‘immense pride and appreciation as we commemorate the unprecedented completion of our ten year milestone of the Energy and Industry’s Strategic Qatarization Plan. Under the wise leadership and vision of His Highness, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar, sound fiscal policies have turned our country into an investment magnet. Qatar's multi-pronged economic strategy is designed to diversify its industrial platform and its overall economic structure to secure multiple and durable sources of national income.’

Much has changed in the Sector since the signing of the Strategic Qatarization Plan by His Excellency Al-Attiyah on 16 May 2000. At that time the Plan was ‘a new beginning’, stated Al-Attiyah, ‘different to anything we had done before’. In June 2000 the Plan embraced 18 companies representing almost 12,500 positions. Today, due to the massive expansions in the Sector, the 40 companies represent over 32,000 positions of which 5,000 Qataris hold essential positions at all levels and a further 4,000 Qataris are being prepared for the future.

‘Attracting young Qataris to our businesses remains an essential activity in our Qatarization drive,’ added Al-Attiyah. The focus of the Strategic Qatarization Plan is on Quality Qatarization requiring the full support and commitment of all employees in every company in the Sector. ‘It is impressive’, stated Al-Attiyah, ‘that, despite facing unprecedented market growth, our Qatarization focus has not wavered and, through unparalleled cooperation and commitment, companies have risen to the challenge and made significant contributions to Qatarizing the Sector's workforce.’

The Plan has been well implemented to inform, attract, train, develop and retain Qatari employees. And strategic mechanisms are in place to monitor, review and update the Sector’s progress each year and identify Qatari requirements for the future.

Links between the Sector and the education community, and other government agencies, have been nurtured over the years forging essential partnerships and enhancing an appreciation of our requirements. The support and continuous cooperation with Qatar University, the introduction of such institutions as Qatar Foundation and the College of the North Atlantic, and the changes in the education infrastructure have contributed to a better understanding of Sector demands realizing an improved supply of qualified Qataris.

The Sector has witnessed some significant milestones during the decade including its own successful Qatar Career Fair in February 2006 showcasing career opportunities available to young Qataris, certification of essential vocational programs, launching of an Energy and Industry Qatarization website, the introduction of an industry-wide database to aid in manpower planning, the implementation of a Qatarization Awards program for companies, and recommendations from numerous industry-wide teams that studied major Qatarization factors.

In June 2000 there were just over 3,000 Qataris in the workforce. Today, and despite an expanding market, Qatarization in the Sector has experienced a steady upward trend of success, and ten years later almost 9,000 Qataris are in the Sector.

His Excellency Al-Attiyah reconfirmed his commitment to the ‘Qatarization drive towards realizing our vision of a 50% quality Qatari workforce in the Sector. I see a bright future ahead of us’ he said, ‘one that benefits from our Qatarization investment commitment.’

During the morning session, three sector-wide presentations were given on the subject of Qatarization. Fahad Al-Muhannadi, General Manager, Qatar Electricity and Watar Co., provided an overview of the support given to Qatarization noting that since 2000 the numbers of Qataris holding permanent positions has doubled to over 5,000, while Qatari headcount has almost tripled, and attrition has reduced to 5% in 2009. Saad S.S. Al-Kaabi, Director, Oil & Gas Ventures, Qatar Petroleum presented a report on the support for Qatari Training and Development. He stated that Qatari Development through tailored, individual career plans has been a key focus over the past ten years with emphasis on preparing Qataris for key and sensitive positions in the companies. He added that learning and development is a life-long process embracing opportunities for Qataris to improve their academic qualifications and improving their experience through practices such as training assignments, attachments and job rotations. Adel Ahmed Al-Buainain, General Manager, Dolphin Qatar presented a report on the relationship with the Education Sector during which he highlighted the partnership and links with the education community and the support given by sector companies to help improve the quality of graduates. He also stated that companies have demonstrated their corporate social responsibility through education, health and safety, the environment, sports and local communities in a wide variety of national organizations.

The Energy and Industry Sector honoured companies at its second Annual Qatarization Awards presentation. The awards recognize companies, not individuals, who have consistently exhibited Qatarization excellence over the previous year. Each award was presented by His Excellency, Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, in a special ceremony. The 2009 recipients are: RasGas Company Limited (Qatarization Crystal Award) and Qatar Vinyl Company Ltd. (Certificate) for Support and Liaison with the Education Sector; Qatargas Operating Company Limited (Qatarization Crystal Award) and Qatar Petrochemical Company Ltd. (Certificate) for Supporting Qatarization; and Qatar Shell GTL Limited was awarded both the Qatarization Crystal Award and Certificate for Support for Training and Development.

The companies of the Energy and Industry Sector paid a special tribute to His Excellency, Abdullah Al-Attiyah for his unwavering commitment and support to Qatarization. Professor Sheikha Al-Misnad, President of Qatar University also received recognition for her dedication to the Sector’s Qatarization process over the years. The gift was accepted, on her behalf, by Dr. Omar Al-Ansari of Qatar University.

A special presentation entitled “Qatar's National Development Strategy, 2011 to 2016: National Developement Strategy and Qatarization” was given to the audience by His Excellency, Sheikh Hamad bin Jabor Al-Thani, Director General, General Secretariat for Development Planning. His Excellency highlighted new opportunities for skills development and said, “…the National Development Strategy will promote an educated, capable and motivated workforce”.

The day-long meeting concluded with two significant presentations, one from Charles (Chuck) Roberts, Engineering Resources Manager, Exxonmobil, Houston, Texas, USA on the topic of "Technical Resource Development" by implementing technical career paths in the Sector companies. And the other dealt with talent management and human resource development and was presented by Mohammed T. Al-Sellemi, Director Human Resources Services, Saudi Aramco. Both presentations attracted many questions from the floor which were managed by the Session Chairman, Ahmed A. Al-Ahmed, Deputy General Manager, Occidental Petroleum Qatar Ltd.

In his closing remarks, Fahad Al-Muhannadi, General Manager, Qatar Electricity and Watar Co., expressed appreciation for the team spirit shown by companies in support of the Qatarization Plan and for the commitment given by His Excellency, Abdullah Al-Attiyah.

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