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  28th Steering Committee Meeting
28th Steering Committee Meeting

Doha, 27 November 2012 - The Chairman, Mr. Abubakr Al-Saiari, welcomed the membership and attendees to the 28th meeting of the Energy and Industry Sector’s Qatarization Steering Committee attended by the senior administrative and human resource officials who represent the 41 companies. The meeting was held at the Diplomatic Club, Doha on Tuesday, 27 November 2012.

Due to several changes to the members and the Chairman introduced and welcomed the new members. Members then heard several relative presentations which were discussed and debated by the members.

Ms. Najat El-Mahdy, Human Resources Consultant, Qatar University, who was accompanied by Dr. Taj Al-Sir, Director of the Continuing Education Office at Qatar University, outlined the aims of Qatar University Initiative On Lifelong Learning (QUILL) and as part of her introduction made reference to the Training Managers Forum (TMF) whose mission is to support the development of a well educated, trained and capable workforce.
Dr. Ken Macleod, President, College of the North Atlantic Qatar provided an overview of the college during which he emphasized CNAQ is a college and not a university with a focus on applied learning, hands on, job ready graduates. He was accompanied by Norris Eaton, Vice President Academic. The college opened in September 2002 and follows a Canadian curriculum and currently has a staff and faculty of 661, 2,071 full-time students, 2,551 part-time students, and 3,042 alumni. Over 50% of new entrants to the E&I Sector in 2011 were trained at CNAQ.

Mr. Thani Aroonchote, Strategic Manpower Planning Section, Qatar Petroleum outlined two proposals on the way human capital planning could be handled in the future for all E&I companies to consider. If the E&I companies are in agreement implementation would not be until 2013. The two proposals have an impact on a) the demand cycle and b) the definition for reporting Qatarization. He provided reasons why the proposed changes are beneficial to the companies.

Mr. Roger Gregson, E&I Sector, Strategic Qatarization Unit announced and introduced - in addition to the three current award categories - three new awards for the year 2012 which will be - Supporting Student Sponsorships, Best Qatarization Progress, and a Partnership Award of Appreciation. Each new award will be represented by a crystal. This now brings the number of crystal awards to six. All awards will be presented at the Annual Qatarization Review Meeting.

Ms. Nahed Al-Mannai, Survey Team Leader, Qatalum provided a brief background to the survey noting it was an outcome from discussions in the Qatarization Steering Committee a few years ago. The focus is on female technical students, employees and their managers. There are three surveys, each is graciously sponsored by Bunduq, and are now ready to launch. Surveys will launch in mid-January and will be completed by the end of February. Results will be communicated by mid year to the Qatarization Steering Committee.

The Chairman thanked all the attendees at the meeting and concluded the meeting.

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