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  27th Steering Committee Meeting
27th Steering Committee Meeting

Doha, 26 April 2012 - The Chairman of the Energy and Industry Sector’s Qatarization Steering Committee, Mr. Abubakr Al-Saiari, welcomed the membership and attendees to the 27th meeting. The meeting was held at the Diplomatic Club, Doha on Thursday, 26 April, and attended by the senior administrative and human resource officials who represent the 41 companies, and who discussed a number of topics on the agenda related to Qatarization.

Representing Texas A&M (TAMUQ), Dr. Eyad Masad, Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies discussed their Graduate Program. He was accompanied by John Small.
TAMUQ opened its campus in 2003 following curricula identical to those offered in Texas. The mission of Texas A&M is threefold: teaching, research and engagement.

Ms. Zeina Al-Azmeh, Director External Relations and Ms. Rana Falasi, Alumni and Partner Relations Manager, Qatar University provided an overview of the QU Alumni Association noting it is to enhance the relationship between the university and the community. Ms Rana advised the idea is to have a multi-faceted support with the Alumni having several chapters under it, and to connect alumni and friends with the university.
Senior Application and Verification Officer,
Ms. Neamat Al-Fayez, Senior Application and Verification Officer, Supreme Education Council shared her topic on Qatari sponsorships through the Higher Education Institute (HEI) scholarship programs and requirements and a list of the top majors taken (the top being General Business Administration and Management). 18% of the HEI scholarships are in engineering majors. Ms. Neamat noted that key to her topic was 'how the HEI can help the E&I Sector'. The SEC is looking for the Sector needs and feedback so the SEC can improve their support.

Qatar Petroleum’s Corporate Training Department updated the committee members on recent changes within the department. Key elements of the update included a) the new Corporate Training (CT) Department organization to serve QP and the Sector, b) the scope of services, c) new developments, and d) the TSA.

Other business included a status of the six sector-wide Strategic Human Capital Planning Workshops being conducted, and a brief on the agenda for the Annual Qatarization Review Meeting which will be held on the 10 May.

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