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  Dolphin Energy Qatar Digs Deep

Adel Al-Buainain, Dolphin Energy’s General Manager in Qatar, presents a cheque to the Gas Processing Center

Dolphin Energy Qatar has been busy with a number of sponsorship initiatives and donations that have helped to further the company’s commitment to the community. The programs that have received the company’s support are Qatar University’s Gas Processing Center (GPC), The Tamakun Comprehensive School, Reach Out to Asia, the Flower Each Spring Program and the TAMUQ Summer Program.

The company’s sponsorship of the GPC helped to organize a specialist forum that attracted leading players across the sector to address important challenges and opportunities related to gas processing. Meanwhile, its donation to the Tamakun School has demonstrated Dolphin’s commitment to programs that develop and nurture children with special needs.

Dolphin also provided significant funding to the Reach Out to Asia initiative that helps the non-governmental organization support neighboring countries overcome development difficulties. Dolphin also donated money to the Flower Each Spring Program which aims to protect flora and fauna indigenous to Qatar in their natural habitat.

In support of local universities and independent schools, Dolphin Energy has given funds to Texas A&M University for its annual EMPC (Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum, and Chemical) Summer Program which recognizes the top five, 11th grade students attending schools in Qatar. In addition, the Dolphin made donations to two Qatari Independent schools for girls - Al-Khor and Qatar Independent School.

“We take our obligation to sponsor worthy causes extremely seriously and our sponsorship program touches many aspects of the Qatari community. We will continue to assess and support more programs in the future that are equally impactful to all aspects of the Qatari population,” said Mr. Adel Ahmed Al-Buainain, Dolphin Energy Qatar’s General Manager.

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