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The Gas Processing Centre (GPC) K-12 Award category is a national initiative that aims at increasing the Qatari society’s awareness, particularly with children, about the country’s abundant and valuable natural resources. The GPC created a national competition which will help the children of Qatar take ownership of Qatar’s future. Therefore, the GPC is proud to declare the “Gasna” Competition as the national event in which all national, independent, and international schools within the State of Qatar are encouraged to participate.

The overall objective behind launching this national competition is to increase the understanding of the importance of gas and gas processing to the economy and the future of Qatar. Children are the future businessmen, teachers, engineers, scientist, CEOs and leaders of this country, and it is critical that they start owning their future today!


Qatar Petroleum Medical Services Department arranged a presentation and discussion of nursing in Qatar Petroleum with nursing students at Calgary University, Qatar.

The meeting discussed the role of nurses within Qatar Petroleum which includes primary care, occupational health and emergency, and emphasis was placed on developing a nursing scope of practice within Qatar Petroleum’s Medical Services Department and encouraging Qatari students to consider Qatar Petroleum as a future employer.

They had a very lively question and answer session and the students were particularly interested in the role of nurses in enhancing employee’s fitness to work within the Energy and Industry Sector


As part of our continuing partnership with education, Qatar Petroleum’s Dukhan Operation invited Qatar University to visit Dukhan on Tuesday, 29th March 2010.

Professor Sheikha Al-Misnad, President Qatar University, Dr. Hassan Dirham, Vice President for Research, Dr. Mazen Hasna, Dean of Engineering, Heads of Engineering Departments, and members of the Communication Department at the university participated in the visit.

The delegation was received by Mr. Ahmed Saif Sulaiti, Manager Operations Dukhan Fields, Mr. Ali Abdulla Mohamed Saleh, Well Integrity Manager, Mr. Khalid Yousuf Al-Sahlawi, Community Services Manager, Mr. Nasser Jeham Al-Kuwari, Production Manager and Mr. Misfer Saleh Al-Bidaiwy, Gas Recycling Manager and senior staff of Dukhan Operations Department.

The delegation recieved a brief presentation covering Dukhan oil and gas operations followed by a documentary projecting the up scaling and improvement of Dukhan City throughout the last few years.


Qatar Petroleum continued as one of the principle organizers and sponsors of the Qatar Career Fair, the last one of which was held on the 14-18 March 2010. Qatar Petroleum’s commitment to the three Qatar Career Fairs held to date has realized many thousands of enquiries from Qataris visiting the Fairs and they have become an important event to share information and awareness of Qatar Petroleum and to attract Qataris to the company.

Qatar Petroleum also continued its visibility through participation at campus fairs at educational establishments and numerous network events, such as the Qatar University Engineering Day, the Professional Day at Carnegie Mellon University, the CNAQ Education and Career Expo, and the Texas A&M Fair. Participation establishes contact with students at an early stage and builds relationships with potential employees. Qatar Petroleum staff made visits to four secondary schools, and also organized plant visits for students and sponsored educational events in public schools.


In 2009, Qatar Petroleum sponsored 102 new students on university and university preparation programs in Qatar and overseas, principally in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. This brought the number of students currently under sponsorship to 655.

At the close of 2009 Qatar Petroleum had 762 sponsored students at the College of the North Atlantic in various programs. Many of these will eventually be allocated to affiliated companies.

Qatar Petroleum also provided summer internship programs for school students. Internships included on-the-job-training and English language training. In addition, university students attended internships.

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