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  QAPCO’s Quality Qatarization Journey from Seeding to Culmination

In its commitment to maintain a high profile record of quality Qatarization, Qatar Petrochemical Company, Limited, QAPCO, spares no effort to attract, train, educate and hire qualified and talented Qatari students to join its teamwork for a prosperous career path, with success guaranteed as an ultimate reach. Over the past six months, QAPCO has been more elaborate in applying the adopted policy of Qatarization all through its different sectors and work-based specialties.

University scholarships represent the first pillar of QAPCO’s strategy of establishing a base of qualified and talented Qatari students who are sent to study either in local leading universities such as Texas A&M and Qatar University, all of which being located in Qatar, where they gain the knowledge for a successful academic future with the company, or in the recognized universities around the world. It is essential, however, to note that the criteria of choosing the students to be sponsored by QAPCO rest basically on the kind of work fields QAPCO has development plans for, as well as on the capabilities and performance of the students, with the over-all aim of achieving sustainable quality Qatarization.

A benchmark distinguishing QAPCO’s performance in the arena of Qatarization is initiative taking, rather than awaiting for students to express their interest to join the company. An exemplifier of this strategic principle is QAPCO’s sponsorship of the Plant Design Contest of Qatar University, where QAPCO sponsored two contesting teams from the college of Engineering, the Chemical Engineering Section, in their graduation projects through a year-round advice provision, in addition to a practical chance for them to apply their theoretical aspects of the projects in the QAPCO plants with the help of assigned guiding personnel from QAPCO to help them with all the tasks required for the completion of their projects. The contest concluded with one of the two teams winning the University Award for the worthiness of their projects.

Integrated with these initiatives are the agreements QAPCO initializes to establish cooperation relationships with leading educational institutions to help improve the quality of education provided for talented students. Among these agreements are the last two recent ones signed with Texas University A&M; the first being the sponsorship agreement of the 14th International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry Conference to be held in Qatar by the University in 2012, and the second being the agreement, by means of which, QAPCO is to sponsor new Qatari students with proven academic performance to study in the university.

As part of its belief in the importance of reaching out to the Qatari public and students, QAPCO participated in Qatar Career Fair held in March 2010 in order for it to provide educational guidance for the new generation and attract distinguished students to join the QAPCO family team. The Fair concluded with successful results of a large number of students either sponsored for academic university studies, or hired to join the operating team of QAPCO. It is also noteworthy that QAPCO’s Qatarized jobs have reached a percentage of 25 of all the employees working in the company in the different sectors.

Finally, based on the principle that all good deeds are definitely rewarded, QAPCO, has been awarded the Annual Qatarization Certificate by His Excellency, Abdulla Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Deputy Premier, Minister of Energy and Industry, during the functions of the Energy & Industry Sector's 10th Anniversary Annual Qatarization Review, held at Ritz Carlton Hotel at Doha on May 11, 2010. For QAPCO, this Award has been a motive to go on with its efforts to implement its vision of quality Qatarization.

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