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  Steering Committee Holds 20th Meeting
Doha, 8 November 2008 - The 20th meeting of Qatar's Energy & Industry Sector Strategic Qatarization Plan Steering Committee took place at the Diplomatic Club, Doha on Thursday 6 November 2008. The meeting was attended by senior administrative and human resource officials who represent the 38 companies in the Plan.

The Committee Chairman, Essa Rashed Al-Kaabi, called the meeting to discuss and share matters of immediate importance to the ongoing progress of Qatarization in the Sector. It was noted that the Sector has seen a strong and steady intake of Qataris throughout 2008 and Qatarization has continued on the positive side. This despite a reduction in percentage terms largely due to the rapid growth of existing companies and the addition of new companies.

The committee reviewed a manpower planning model designed to support the Sector's Qatarization targets; the chairpersons of three focus teams addressed the status of supply, competition and retention of Qataris in the Sector, and the launch of a new company Qatarization Awards Program were discussed. The committee also received a presentation from the Qatar Technical School, and shared plans for the 2009 Annual Qatarization Review Meeting, which is scheduled to be held in May.

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