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  Tailor Made Program (TMP)

The Tailor Made Program (TMP)

This program aims at preparing male and female applicants with basic skills to pursue career opportunities in the energy and industry section.
This program covers several technical and non-technical disciplines:
· Business Administration
- Accountancy and Finance
- Human Resources
· Computing
- Information Technology
- Network Design and Management/ System analysis and Database
- International Network

Program Duration
It is usually a two- year program qualifying a trainee to obtain a diploma from the CNA(Q) followed by a practical training in one of the operational locations.

Admission Terms
· The applicant must be a male / female Qatari national.
· Not more than 26 years old.
· Medically fit.
· Holds a Secondary school certificate with an average not less than 65%.
· Applicants must achieve a level of FL1080 on the College Of North Atlantic (Qatar), CNA-(Q) Academic English Placement Test.

Training Location: This training program is delivered in the College Of North Atlantic(Qatar), CNA(Q).

Application Submission:
Applications are directly submitted to Qatar Petroleum Recruitment Department, TWT Ground Floor.

For enquiries contact: (40131287) / (40131143)

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