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  Technician Preparation Program (TPP)

Trainee Preparation Program ( TPP)

This program aims at preparing applicants to acquire the required professional skills to pursue technical career opportunities and operations in the energy and industry sector.

The trainee is prepared to obtain TAFE certificate in accordance with the National Training Authority in Australia. It is a phased program based on acquiring skills gradually focusing on practical training in the work locations in particular. This qualifies the trainee to obtain (TAFE) Certificate in three phases.

Upon completion of this program, graduates are recruited for the position of technician or operator in the industrial installations in one of the following disciplines: Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Engineering and Process.

Program Duration
It is approximately a three- year program qualifying the trainee to obtain a training certificate through a theoretical training classes and a practical training in the work locations.

Admission Terms
· The applicant must be Qatari national.
· Not more than 26 years old.
· Holds a Secondary school certificate with an average not less than 50%.
· Applicants must achieve a level of FL1030 on the College Of North Atlantic (Qatar), CNA-Q Academic English Placement Test.
· Meets Qatar Petroleum Entry Test criteria.
· Medically fit.

Training Location
The program is delivered in the following locations:
- Qatar Petroleum training centers or The College Of North Atlantic (Qatar), CAN-Q.
- Practical training is delivered in one of the main operational locations of Qatar Petroleum or its subsidiaries site training.

Application Submission
Applications are directly submitted to Qatar Petroleum Recruitment Department, TWT Ground Floor.

For enquiries contact: 40131287 / 40131143 or Email:

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